Why choose us? 

* Because we pride ourselves in going above and beyond in everything that we do!! 


Because we're innovative and always leading the way with our cleaning processes.


Because we take health & safety very seriously and carry out internal audits on sites. With this culture in place, we have successfully been awarded Altius, ProNett and Safe Contractor approved status.

* Because we provide complete duct cleaning services throughout the UK and Ireland, in accordance with the requirements of TR19, the industry guidance document issued by the BESA. We have also been adopted as best practice by leading Insurers.


* Because we can advise on system access design, installation and specialise in devising tailor made hygiene maintenance schedules to ensure compliance with TR19.

* Because we hold the title for the largest cleaner of kitchen grease extract risers in the UK!

* Because we use a HCV method for cleaning our risers

* Because Paul Downing of BESA, says that Interduct 'use the most effective method of vertical riser cleaning'.