TR19 Accessibility

Cleaning ducts and other kitchen ventilation systems can be tricky. Grease can build in all areas of a ventilation system, some of which can be hard to access with standard cleaning equipment. It’s important to clear away any particles which may have built up in your systems, but it’s just as important that these can be easily accessed.

TR19 regulations state that your ductwork must be accessible. This is where Interduct comes in! Installing access doors and walkways enables us to get a closer look at how clean your systems are and what can be done to improve their efficiency and more importantly, safety.


Making your ductwork accessible improves the safety of your ventilation systems, as any issues can be easily accessed and cleaned before they become a fire and safety risk.

“This service makes us an all-rounder in the industry, something we believe sets us apart. In the first instance, we complete a free survey for our customers on the state of their duct work and give them a TR19 report based on what we find. We’ll then be able to quote for and carry out all of the required work, creating a ‘one stop shop’ for TR19 compliance.”

Milan Crooks, TR19 project manager

Demonstrating that your premises are fully compliant with TR19 can lead to lower insurance premiums and ensures your premises are safe for staff and customers. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your business is TR19 compliant and safe, and our experts can help to put these in place.

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