How to be compliant, and STAY compliant in accordance with all Fire Safety and Workplace Regulations.

Interduct’s senior field management team have a combined experience of over 75 years in the

management of grease extract systems. 


With this experience, we are able to provide our customers with assessments of their systems all the way from the design stage, to ensuring that they comply with the relevant codes of practice and that they are made accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

System Assessment

and Audit Service 

Interduct are able to provide this service on a purely consultative basis or as part of a program to enable a client to become compliant. The program would involve installing access and cleaning where necessary, outside of Planned Preventative Maintenance. 


Interduct have both consulted on and completed these projects with numerous nationwide restaurant chains.

Our System 

Assessment Service

Outside of a Planned Preventative Maintenance program either by Interduct or another service provider, Interduct can offer an audit service to ensure the client is being best served. We also ensure that the work undertaken fits relevant Health and Safety criteria, whilst remaining compliant with TR19 regulation.

Our Audit Service