Compliance for Facilities Management Companies

When it comes to commercial kitchen duct cleaning there are lots of things to consider and as a facilities management company it is your responsibility to keep on top of legislations and different responsibilities for the needs of your clients… But don’t worry! The team at Interduct have put this blog together so you know exactly what you need to know to keep your client safe, compliant and legal.

The risks you need to be aware of

Commercial kitchen ducts and vertical risers are a magnet for grease and other particles, which soon build up and cause a serious fire hazard. Not only that but without regular, thorough cleaning and maintenance dust and mould can also accumulate which poses other health risks to your clients’ employees.

Failure to clear duct systems is not only dangerous, but can also void insurance policies, meaning that in the worst-case scenario of a kitchen fire breaking out, the premises owner will not be protected, and insurers will not pay out.

Know your legislation

As a facilities management company, you not only need to be mindful of the potential risks within your clients’ premises, but you also need to show that these risks are both acknowledged and that specific procedures are in place to keep these to a minimum.

In order to ensure that these procedures are followed, the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has a number of policies and guidelines for the kitchen owner to follow. One of the most important is TR19.

TR19 states that all ventilation systems must be accessible so they can be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on the level of usage, a different type of cleaning technique might be chosen but what matters most is ensuring that these practices are carried out routinely.

Not only does TR19 policy demonstrate that a kitchen is safe and clean, but it may also help reduce insurance premiums and your client will be protected if you can show that you have followed the procedures outlined in the legislation.

What you and your clients’ need to do

There are some straightforward steps kitchen owners can take so that their premises are safe and compliant with TR19. The first of these is, simply, having a duct cleaning company take a walk around the kitchen to identify any areas where grease may build up, like vents and grilles for example.

If there are any areas which are already starting to show signs of grease build-up, then these surfaces must be cleaned either by hand or with a pressure wash for deeper areas of grease. A plan for regular cleaning and maintenance should then be implemented as a priority.

Your client should appoint someone within the organisation or team to oversee these procedures and be on hand when health & safety representatives arrive to inspect the premises. Any cleaning work which is carried out by an external company should also be demonstrated through means such as a checklist or certificate which clearly shows what has taken place.

And for you as a facilities management company, you should also take a look at the credentials of any cleaning or maintenance company. Do they have specific accreditations, such as a BESA-approved status?

Calling in extra support to remain compliant

Regular cleaning is one of the most straightforward ways your clients can remain compliant with legislation. However, it can be difficult to spot the risks and understand what you need to do about them.

Here at Interduct, we can help you understand your responsibilities as a facilities management company and handle the steps you and your clients need to take, using the latest advancements in kitchen ventilation cleaning methods. Our vertical riser cleaning method is one of its kind in the industry! To put it simply, we will handle the entire project and maintenance for you, as well as making sure your ductwork is accessible!

We always offer a balanced, impartial view when it comes to putting in place cleaning policies – safety is always what matters most to us – and as a BESA-approved contractor, you can be sure we deliver only the best results.

To learn how else you can help your clients remain legal and compliant, contact our team on 01280 703322.

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