Why louvre cleaning is important for a safe environment

Grease can quickly build in those hard-to-reach places that you might not have spotted, such as doorways and in ventilation grills, but it’s important that you keep these as clean as possible. With TR19 regulations stating that the whole of your ventilation systems must be cleaned and maintained regularly, it’s vital that you don’t miss the hidden spaces.

High level cleaning includes getting into the highest ducts and clearing any deposits. Even if these are in the furthest reaches of your kitchen, it’s important that you keep your high level areas clear to prevent fire risks and maintain a hygienic, safe area for both your staff and customers.

Just like with hard to reach places in the ceilings or roof spaces, ventilation louvres can be a magnet for grease. Ventilation louvre panels allow natural air to flow into your kitchen. However, if they become clogged with grease, this ventilation can become compromised.

Because of their design, keeping a Louvre grill or system clean can be tricky – reaching all of the hidden areas behind the panels and clearing the accumulated grease is important for keeping your system working efficiently.

Insurers may not pay out if you are found to have poorly maintained ventilation and extraction systems. In fact, out of the 24 000 fires reported in commercial properties, a quarter of them were caused by the ventilation systems, so it’s vital that you keep all areas of your systems as clear as possible.

Ventilation and high-level cleaning for all kitchens

Using thorough practices, our expert team can help keep your ventilation systems clear of grease, no matter where it accumulates. We can get into even the smallest compartment to ensure that your louvre ventilation is completely clean.

Getting into these hard-to-reach places without specialist equipment or processes is not only difficult but it is also dangerous. As a BESA-approved contractor, our team of experts work both safely and efficiently, ensuring your kitchen is fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

With our own one-man lift, supplied and operated by our IPAF and PASMA qualified engineers, finding and installing expensive scaffolding is no longer required and we can arrange for cleaning to take place at a time that is convenient for both you and your team, letting you get back operating as quickly as possible.

Because we also carry out a full safety audit, we can ensure that your systems remain compliant with TR19 regulations and bring a tailored approach to each kitchen that we work with.

Expert cleaning from the Interduct team

Our experts bring over 30 years’ experience and are all dedicated to helping your kitchen clean and operating safely. Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE for your full system audit and find the right solution for your needs.

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