How Interduct’s new accessibility service can help your business to become TR19 compliant

TR19 came into effect back in 2013, but businesses are still unaware of the need to follow this important document. The guidelines call for the entire ventilation system to be clean and maintained sufficiently, and as a business owner, it’s down to you to ensure this happens.

As a BESA-approved contractor, we’re at the forefront of implementing TR19 practices and have a team of experts on hand to help your business stay safe and compliant.

Improving access to improve safety

Every extract system will have some parts that will be difficult to get to, such as ducts and extractor fans, but it’s vital that these are kept clean and in perfect working order. A key part of TR19 is improving access to these hard-to-reach places.

There are a number of ways to improve access in your ventilation systems. One solution is to install access doors in your ducts, which will enable regular inspections to be carried out easily and regularly. Walkways also allow for greater accessibility and enable you to get a detailed, up-close look at the system and find the right solution.

Even the design of your systems plays a role in being compliant with TR19. Ensuring that your ducts and risers can be accessed from different levels is critical for ensuring they are performing as they should be, and keeping louvre panels clear will ensure that harmful particles find their way out of your kitchen extract system.

Lower insurance premiums for TR19 compliance

Because of TR19 regulations, insurance companies are putting greater pressure on catering companies to demonstrate safety. It’s estimated that out of the 24,000 fires in commercial properties each year, around a quarter are down to an unclean duct system. And insurers are less likely to pay out if the system was found to be a contributing factor.

However, if you can show that your business is operating within TR19 regulations, insurers are more likely to reduce your premiums. This means that regular cleaning and maintenance of your duct systems could save you money in the long run.

Find out more reasons why unclean ducts pose a serious fire risk.

Providing a safe environment for staff and customers

Not only do TR19 regulations minimise the risk of a fire, but they can also prevent a build-up of bacteria and harmful particles. Grease is a haven for organisms and rats, which means that infections can quickly spread through your systems if they are not properly maintained.

For commercial kitchens especially, bacteria can easily reach your food preparation areas and to the food itself, putting your customers’ and staff members’ health at risk. By regularly inspecting your systems, you can protect their health and avoid being issued with a significant fine.

Innovative cleaning from an expert team

Here at Interduct, providing a safe working environment for your customers, whilst ensuring that you are compliant to standards within the industry is at the heart of what we do. Our TR19 services are more than just putting in access doors; they’re about giving you a higher level of service and support.

As we never sub-contract our work, you can have a full TR19 service from start to finish. We also provide a full system audit to ensure you’re getting the level of service that you need. For a free quote, call our dedicated experts on 01280 703322, or find out more about our HCV and vertical riser cleaning services.

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