Five reasons why Interduct is the right choice for duct system cleaning

Putting diner safety first

At Interduct, not only do we take great pride in what we do and work to a professional standard, but we always put safety first. We’re committed to ensuring that your diners have a safe environment to eat in, and that your staff aren’t at risk.

Such is our focus on safety, we are the only duct cleaning company certified to work at all the UK’s airports. We’ve worked at a number of major international airports, including Heathrow, Birmingham, and East Midlands.

We also carry out full audits of commercial ventilation systems on sites, and have been awarded Safe Contractor approved status, so you know that our practises are completely secure.

Innovation that works for you

Since the 1980s, we’ve been developing new duct system cleaning practises to keep ahead of the curve. We use a high chemical viscosity (or HCV) method for vertical rising cleaning, which has been labelled as the best method used in the industry.

After a change in compliance laws, we came up with an innovative method to clear tough grease in vertical risers, which can often be difficult to maintain properly. See how our method works.

As a team that always looks for new solutions, you can be assured that you will be getting the help you need from a team that really gets the industry.

Thorough cleaning from an experienced team

We’re proud to hold a combined 75 years’ worth of experience of duct system cleaning. Because we never subcontract our services, you can stay in control and our team will always be there to help in an emergency.

Trust us to produce outstanding results

Don't just take our word for it..

We cover the whole of the UK

Wherever you are based within the UK, we can reach you. Did you also know...

Call us today

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