A different approach – an insight into our service approach at Interduct

Here at Interduct, we pride ourselves on our excellence in customer service, and our impeccable attention to detail. Our Operations Director, Andy Crowley, is the expert when it comes to maintaining exceptional client relationships. Below, he explains our service approach from start to finish.

“A great deal of our new business comes from referrals and word of mouth. Once we receive an enquiry from a potential client, initially we will place a phone call to arrange a meeting with them. During the meeting, we will need to determine how many sites the customer has, as many of our clients operate nationwide restaurant chains.

We always visit a number of the sites before signing any paperwork. This helps us to put together an audit report and let them know if their ventilation and extract systems are accessible. We will also assess the condition of their system, and analyse how well their existing contractor is cleaning it currently.

What makes us stand out, is that many of our competitors do not conduct reports that are as detailed as ours. We obtain a lot of work based on the detail we put into tendering for the contracts, and we have always been highly praised for the approach we take.

After reviewing the report, many of our prospects are shocked with the condition of their system. It’s at this stage that we often go and take a look at the rest of their estate, and provide further audit reports and costs. We then put together a spreadsheet and incorporate the schedule of cleaning.

Once we have conducted their first clean, we will then send across a ‘clean report’ in the following 24-48 hours based on TR19 compliance, and detail all the relevant information in the report.

We keep in contact with all of our clients on a regular basis, through newsletters and telephone communication.”

If you are interested in using any of our services, or simply want to find out a little more, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us by clicking here or call us on 01280 703322.

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