Louvre and High Level Cleaning

What is Louvre and high level cleaning?

Cleaning ducts and the louvres through which they exit your kitchen are often at a high level, which makes them both tricky to reach and clean. This, as well as everyday use, means that grease can soon build up, creating both a fire and a safety risk.


Similarly, ventilation louvre panels which let in natural air to ventilate your kitchen can become clogged if left uncleaned and this can severely compromise their effectiveness. However, as these are situated at a high level, many businesses believe that getting to them is often only possible with the use of scaffolding - which can be costly.


With TR19 regulations stating that your entire systems need to be properly cleaned and maintained, it’s essential that you do not ignore these hard to reach places. This is where the team at Interduct can help.

Our high level and louvre cleaning methods...

Bringing over 30 years’ experience in ventilation duct cleaning, our IPAF and PASMA qualified team can get into your high-level ducts and louvres, clearing away grease and other deposits that have built up. By using our own one-man lift, supplied by us, there’s no need to find and install scaffolding yourself.


Not only does this mean you can save money but it also allows us to carry out our cleaning in a non-invasive way, allowing you to quickly get back to the running of your kitchen.


As a BESA-approved contractor, we follow a strict code of practise which puts your safety first. We also carry out a full safety audit on each clean, working closely with you to provide recommendations which creates a safe environment for both your staff and customers.

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