Interduct UK Limited are leading experts in the cleaning, maintenance and management of kitchen ventilation and grease extract systems, with our commercial kitchen duct cleaning service proving most popular in the industry.  


Interduct was first established in the 1980’s, because popular fast food chain McDonalds needed a duct cleaning company to help with their expansion plans in the UK. 

  • We now hold the title of the 'Largest cleaner of kitchen grease extract risers in the UK'. 

  • Our team is proud to have over 75 years of specialist industry knowledge.

  • We are at the forefront of the steering committee for BESA's TR19. 

  • We care and are dedicated to providing a safe environment for your customers, while ensuring that you are kept compliant to standards within the industry.

  • We use a Hot Chemical Viscosity (HCV) vertical riser cleaning method which is the only one of its kind in the industry.  

  • Paul Downing of BESA, says that Interduct 'uses the most effective method of vertical riser cleaning’.

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